The Princess of Christmas

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Who is The Princess of Christmas?

Christmas recording artist Noelle is The Princess of Christmas. Noelle is the youngest Christmas songwriter ever to get one of her songs, "Christmas Holiday," played on the radio. The song was produced and performed with her mother Elizabeth Chan (The Queen of Christmas), proving that Noelle is already firmly entrenched in the family business! Take a listen below:

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The Princess of Christmas in Photos

Noelle and her family live #ChristmasEveryday. Follow her adventures below!

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What is the book, The Princess of Christmas?

The Princess of Christmas is an upcoming children's book inspired by Noelle, The Princess of Christmas. With words by her mother Elizabeth Chan, and illustrated by her father Andy Fraley, The Princess of Christmas tells the story of how the Princess finds a way to live Christmas everyday.

The Princess of Christmas is available for pre-order for $25 USD.